The easiest Customer Contact System Ever!

Stay in touch with customers, suppliers, clients, associates, wholesalers, patients, committees, students, club members, or friends, ‘KeepConnected’ is the system for you. Now you can track your contact activities with ease.

Easy Setup

Take action and create your own system in 3 simple steps.

  1. Subscribe and log in.
  2. Add your customer details.
  3. Keep Connected with your customers. 
Not Complicated

No complicated functions that will ‘do your head in’ leaving you in despair, and resorting to sticky notes.

Be Efficient

Add prospects and connections while updating existing information.
Note conversations, schedule the next call, add an address, see all actions at a glance, and…much, much more.

It's in the cloud

Access is simple and efficient,
keeping everyone on the same page.

Proven Technology

Exact customer information is at your fingertips, eliminating the confusion of double calls and possible upsets.

100% Satisfaction

You stay in tune with customers’ needs, build caring relationships, opportunities and, your business potential grows.

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All in one place

Instant view of all that matters for you to keep in contact with your customers and leads. All the important information is in full view on one screen. No more having to navigate endlessly.

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List only what you need

A powerful yet simple way to sort your contacts according to your needs. You can filter by suburb, products, services, events, and much more.

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What our subscribers say

They love it!

“I have used many Customer Management systems only to give up because of the complexity and a myriad of functions I didn’t need or understand. 

It’s so exciting to have the simplicity and ease that the ‘Keep Connected’ system gives. I can keep up to date with my contacts, plus they’re all in one place.

I can access and search a multitude of categories, all with just the click of a button. I am no longer bogged down in a ‘shoebox box’ mentality.

Information is complete, detailed, accessible and organised. ‘Keep Connected’ has made life so much simpler, I’m very, very, happy, I LOVE it, thank you!
It’s really great!”.


“Part of my business is selling skin care and with KeepConnect it enables me to follow up with my clients to ensure they don’t run out of their much-needed products. My clients think that I am peaking into their bathroom as they usually get a follow-up call/SMS just as they are finishing off their cremes.

KeepConnected is very adaptable to whatever you want to be reminded of in your business.

For me, it gives me more refined filtering of information so I can do more targeted promotion.

The app is easy to navigate and so easy to use. It is a very useful tool in my business.”


I love the logic of this program, clearly, it was designed by someone who has actually had to work with a database on a daily basis.

It has all the features I need to run a window and gutter cleaning business and it’s easy to use. Much easier than the program we currently use because there isn’t a confusion of fields that you just never use.

The fact that you don’t have to keep flipping from page to page to view an entire history of a customer is fantastic. I can view the customer and all related details in one view.

The sorting of customers by different filters is easy to use. Also, the keywords function to further select and sort is great for when there is more than one service being offered.


“I have been using KeepConnected now for a while and I love how the card view gives me all the data I need on a client with everything in one view. I find it easy to use and not complicated.

In my job I use another program, which I find extremely difficult to navigate and use, in fact, I probably only need to use 10% of the program and I just don’t need the rest.

With KeepConnected it gives me just enough technology without the confusion and overwhelm of some many extras that I just don’t need.”


“Recently I made the switch to Keep Connected and just love how easy it is to use – it’s clear and has just the right amount of information I need. Very happy with how beautifully it works.

This is a totally fresh platform compared to all others I have used over the past years (over 6 different ones) and it really is the most useful for my small business.

Very impressed, happy, relieved and highly recommend it!”


“Love this program! Simple to use and has the option to personalise it to your individual company. I have used so many data bases and this one was like a breath of fresh air in comparison!”



Choose your plan

Simple pricing. No hidden charges. Choose a plan to fit your needs.


Monthly / Yearly

$22* / $220*

1 Active user ***

Free Upgrades

Email Support


Monthly / Yearly

$33* / $330*

3 Active users **

Team Collaboration

Free Upgrades

Email Support

* Pricing includes GST (Australia)
** Additional users can be added at $11/user (Team plan only).
*** To add additional users, you must upgrade to the Team plan.

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